The Gear Score system in Lost Ark is a lot easier to understand compared to the one in New World, which can be quite confusing.

This Lost Ark end game guide will teach you how the gear progression system works beginning at level 50 and going forward, along with providing explanations for the various content tiers. If you are looking for the best classes and found this guide while searching, check out our Lost Ark tier list for PvE. For instance, the first dungeon in the second gear tier requires gear of level 600, and once you have attained that level of gear (or higher) from previous dungeons, you can advance to the next tier of challenges and continue the process.


After reaching level 250, you have two options for improving your gear for each subsequent tier: you can either continue to level up in dungeons to obtain better gear or you can do so by completing main quests, side quests, and purple quests. This is basically the beginning of the content found in the end game. From this point forward, your primary objective will be to raise your gear score as high as possible up to a maximum of 1375. Focusing on the main quest, instances, and islands is where you should direct the majority of your attention. One more choice is to run through the North Vern Chaos Dungeon repeatedly.

For instance, gear honing is the process of improving the stats of your gear by using specialized materials and working toward a certain percentage of success in order to do so. If you fail, you will lose the mats and have to try the challenge once more. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of rewards you can obtain from most activities on both a daily and weekly basis.

Abysmal Dungeons and Una's Tasks are the two primary sources that occur on a weekly basis. The mechanics and damage checks in Abyssal Dungeons make them the most challenging of all the instances; as a result, the rewards are also the most impressive, but they are only available once a week.

The Chaos Dungeons, the Guardian Raids, and Una's daily tasks are the three main daily sources of honing materials.

Ship Shop is a traveling merchant ship where you can exchange materials for coins by clicking on the normal button and then tapping it.

Shards from the daily Chaos Dungeons can be traded for other lost ark new classes release (search here) once you have completed those dungeons and collected enough Perception Shards. These shards can be traded for other lost ark new classes release in the game.

Exchange crafting materials for Sylmael bloodstone, which can be obtained through grinding guild activities and donations. The bloodstone can be traded for crafting materials at the Sylmael Bloodstone exchange.

Phase 4 of Tier 1 (Level 460 to Level 600)
You will arrive in Rohendel, make further progress on your primary quest, and then use the newly unlocked dungeons to improve your equipment.

You can now craft your legendary equipment, which primarily consists of Order Weapons, gloves, chest armor, shoulder armor, and helmets. This comes as an added bonus. It is important to note that while these will make you stronger, they will not raise your item level. Keep doing your daily quests as well as the adventure quests and island quests if you want to gather mats more steadily. You will find some tier 2 materials in your bag if you have completed some Islands and daily events. These materials include the Guardian Stone, the Life Leapstone, the Destruction Stone, and the Caldarr Fusion Material.

Levels 840 to 1000 make up Tier 2's Phase 2 content.
You will have enough resources to find materials by completing the activities in the game in general after completing Yorn and Feiton and completing the yellow side quests on those continents.

The third phase of Tier 2, which spans levels 1000 to 1100.
It will be difficult to find materials here, and failing the honing process will be a little frustrating; however, you should not give up and continue to farm daily dungeons, Una's quests, and the steps that were mentioned earlier in the passage. You will need to devote the majority of your attention to farming dungeons, cubes, towers, and levels 1080 and lower.

Tier 3, the highest and most challenging level in the EU/NA system

Phase 1 of Tier 3, which spans levels 1100 to 1302,
Congratulations on reaching the highest possible level for this patch; you are now ready to move on to the Punika continent. Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Raids, Una's Tasks, and Island Tokens provide you with challenging bosses and a large number of different game mechanics to grind out every day.

Phase 2 of Tier 3, which spans levels 1302-1375.
During the first half of this phase, which lasts until you reach level 1325 and acquire an epic set of gear, your primary focus will be on Punika level 2, with the goal of increasing your overall damage by 10% or even more.

Levels 1375–1415 correspond to the Tier 3: Phase 3 phase.
Continue to play through Punika level 3 phase 1 and the Abyss Raid Argos until you obtain a set of legendary gear and level it up to 1415. You are free to continue upgrading as usual, taking your equipment to levels 1430 and then 1460 respectively.

Levels 1460-1490 make up Tier 3's Phase 5 content.
Identical to Phase 4, with the exception that you must place a greater emphasis on completing the continents in order to obtain more skill point potions.

Raids and dungeons will require a certain skill level of mechanics and damage check for some phases of each of the bosses, which will require you to work on your gems. In order to meet these requirements, you will need to improve your gem collection. You have completed the final phase of the third tier, which also marks the end of the current 1.0 patch.

For those of you who are interested in obtaining achievements, now is the time to step up and shine; finish it, and you will be greatly rewarded with a higher Roster level and many other things.

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