After that, you will need to make your way back to the blacksmith and continue working there until she can prove that she is a genuine tuner and opens a shop in the space next to the blacksmith. After that, you will be free to leave the blacksmith. Following that, you will be able to proceed to the following stage of the process. It is not difficult to bypass the round table if you do not spend a significant amount of time there.

These idiots are easily eliminated by the game's more fundamental adversaries, which can make it easier for particular bosses to accomplish their objectives. Even when it's pitch black outside, you'll be able to keep using both of your hands because this lamp is designed to attach to your hips. This item can be found in other games as well, and its function and purpose in each of those other games are exactly the same as they are here.

1. If you delve deeply enough into the lore, you will discover a tactic that, once you figure out how it works, will make it a lot simpler for you to defeat this terrifying and challenging first boss

2.  You are going to have a lot more fun playing this game if you are able to figure out this strategy

3.  It serves as the first significant obstacle that must be conquered in order to proceed further, which is the case in a good number of other games of this type as well

4.  A large number of people are experiencing the same thing

5.  Now, this is the item that you need to buy in order to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion and fulfill the purpose that it was intended to serve

6.  You will be able to replicate the attack that the boss uses as a result of this

7.  You can also use them in any other way that you see fit, which is another option

8.  Employing them in any other capacity that tickles your fancy is yet another possibility you have at your disposal

9.  Regarding this matter, you are free to act as you see fit

10.  It's possible that you don't even realize that you have any control over these foes, but it is possible to defeat them by destroying the glowing stones that are on their legs

You can do this by destroying the glowing stones that are on their legs

1.  You will be able to complete this objective by destroying the glowing stones that are located on the legs of your adversaries

2.  Destroying the glowing stones that are found on the legs of your enemies will allow you to successfully complete this objective

3.  If you put it to use, only then will it be possible

4.  If you want to find the actual treasure that is associated with these things, you can travel to the region that is located to the northeast of Nia and investigate the area that is located in the region that is located to the north of the checkpoint for the ruins maze

5.  You will need to head in the direction of Nia's north-northeast to reach your destination

6.  Next, in sixth place, you have the ability to completely change the direction that things will go in a way that is advantageous to you provided that you have the appropriate War Ashes

7.  This ability, however, is only available to you if you have them

If you were successful in acquiring those War Ashes, then you will be able to use this ability once you have them in your possession. When you get them, you should look through them to see what you can learn from them that could be useful to you.

Make it a habit to always have at least one recovery flask available rather than transforming all of your flasks into healing potions. This will save you time and energy. You will be able to perform healing on yourself whenever it is necessary to do so as long as you use this method. You won't be able to play the game and therefore won't be able to obtain these items if you have a fear of dying multiple times during the course of it. This is due to the fact that having an irrational fear of losing your life multiple times will prevent you from playing the game. Any time is appropriate to exercise this option. Simply talking about something is much easier than actually carrying out whatever it is that needs to be done, which is something that shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. The challenges and difficulties that have been outlined can each have a solution that can be discovered and utilized. When you speak with the vendor who is stationed in Elleh Church, he will provide you with information regarding the actions that you need to take in order to deal with the situation once you arrive at the location from which the howling is emanating.

This information will be given to you in order to help you deal with the howling. Feel free to ask any questions you have about how they function in this part of the guide, and I will respond to them in a way that is uncomplicated and to the point. You will be required to press the button that is mounted on the wall in order to initiate the corresponding action when certain conditions have been met. This is the hypothesis that we are working with, so let's look at it. These bosses can be found tucked away in various parts of the game. If one were to look within this fissure, they would be able to find an impetigo that, at one point in time, belonged to the Prince of Death. In contrast to every other game that can be compared to Souls, this one is completely unique. You are free to ask him any questions you want about the person who has passed away, and he will provide you with some information in response to your questions; however, it is highly likely that this will be the last time you talk to him about the matter.

he will provide you with some information. The undertaking has reached a point where it will become increasingly difficult to bring it to a successful conclusion, and this challenge will only increase over time. It is not required to perform any actions that are more complicated than clicking on buttons that are analogous to the ones that have already been selected. This activity can be finished with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

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