There are many strange sorceries that are buried in the Lands Between within Elden Ring. The Cannon of Haima is a powerful spell in its own right, despite the fact that it is not the strongest spell.


It's undeniably a lot of fun to hack away at gigantic bosses with swords and spears, but it's even more satisfying to obliterate them with spells and potions. If you are a big fan of magic, you are in luck because Elden Ring features dozens of amazing sorceries that can help you make short work of your opponents — provided, of course, that you have the necessary stats to use them. If you are a big fan of magic, you are in luck because Elden Ring features dozens of amazing sorceries that can help you make short work of your opponents.

The Cannon of Haima is a potent spell that projects powerful projectiles and has a wide range of influence, despite the fact that it is not among the very best sorceries in Elden Ring. The Glintstone sorcery has the ability to damage foes even when they are protected by walls, and it can be charged to deal even more damage. The requirement for Intelligence to use the Cannon of Haima isn't overly onerous, but the amount of FP needed to cast the spell is quite high.

The Location Of The Cannon That Belongs To Haima
You can acquire the Cannon of Haima from the Converted Fringe Tower; however, you will first need to solve a puzzle in order to get past the magical barrier that is located inside of the building. You should make it your first priority to join the Raya Lucaria Academy, which can be found on the large island in the western part of the map. If you do not yet possess the Academy Glintstone Key, navigate to the swamp that is located to the west of the main island. Once there, look for a boss that goes by the name of Glinstone Dragon Smarag. The key that allows access to the training facility can be found directly behind the leader.

After you have successfully entered the academy, you will need to be on the lookout for two items: a second Academy Glinstone Key and a Glintstone Crown. To acquire the Erudition gesture, you will need the second key, which can be taken from a dead body that is suspended from the ceiling of the Church of the Cuckoo. You are guaranteed to find at least one Glintstone Crown if you simply explore the grounds of the academy, as there are no fewer than five of them hidden throughout the grounds. It is important to keep in mind that Elden Ring contains a large number of additional Glintstone Crowns; however, the only crowns that will allow you to solve the puzzle are the ones that can be found around the academy.

Once you have the second key in your possession, you should travel to the Church of Irith and search for Thops there. If you give him the key, as a reward he will show you how to perform the gesture for erudition. The Converted Fringe Tower is located in the north-eastern corner of the Lakes region of Liurnia of the Lakes, and it offers stunning views of the ocean. A short distance to the east of the Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts Site of Grace is where you'll find the tower. Proceed inside the tower and don one of the Glintstone Helmets to protect yourself. In order to pass through the barrier created by the magic, you will need to perform the gesture of erudition. You will find the Cannon of Haima and the Gavel of Haima inside the open chest at the very top of the area if you make your way there.

Instructions On How To Fire The Cannon Of Haima
The Cannon of Haima has a memorization requirement of 25 Intelligence and a casting cost of 57 FP. You won't be able to hurl more than a small handful of these bad boys before you need to reach for a flask of Cerulean Tears, so you should try to make every cast count as much as possible. When used at the appropriate moment, this sorcery is extremely effective in player versus player combat and can quickly eliminate smaller enemy groups. The Cannon of Haima is a spell that deals area-of-effect damage, but it is also effective against single targets when used properly.

It is essential to keep in mind that charging the Cannon of Haima raises not only its damage but also the size of the area it affects, in addition to the amount of FP it requires. Because the explosion deals damage even if it passes through walls and other obstructions, you can use this spell to attack foes even if they are not directly in your line of sight. You have the ability to change the projectile's range while it is being fired, which is yet another entertaining feature to highlight. If the player looks down, the projectile will land in front of them, but looking forward or up will launch it a significant distance away.

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