Are you looking for a normal dungeon that will allow you to quickly level up from level one to level fifty or higher? The Ruins of Eridu and the Blind Terriers can be easily replaced with this fantastic alternative. Learn everything you need to know by reading this guide. The designers of Diablo 4 have revealed that there will be enhancements to the overall performance of the experience within dungeons, particularly those of the nightmare variety. But in the meantime, we have to keep playing and working our way up the levels.


The entrance to the Uldur Cave can be found in western Kehjistan, a short distance to the north of the town of Gea Kul. To get into the building, there is a barrier that you have to climb over. A Mystery Chest can frequently be found in the immediate vicinity during the Infernal Waves.

Motives to make a living in the Cavern of UldurIt is not without good reason that we recommend you complete this dungeon as part of a session dedicated to power leveling from level 1 all the way up to level 50

  1. This particular dungeon has an excellently high enemy population density overall

  2. The layout of the dungeon is quite straightforward and relatively linear, with only a few inconsequential dead ends and a couple of loops thrown in for good measure

  3. This helps to eliminate the need to travel in a circular fashion

  4. Even when operating alone, it is best to focus solely on moving forward without diverting attention to the surrounding environment

  5. This gives you the opportunity to collect all of the Golden Chests and Shrines that are located along the path

  6. It is a corridor, so it is appropriate that the first objective of the dungeon is to simply ask the player to destroy three barricades along the way

  7. There is a transition room that is completely unprofitable, but as it only necessitates the elimination of one elite, the amount of time that is wasted is minimal

  8. Killing all of the foes that are in the dungeon is the second objective of the dungeon; however, this area is just a hallway

You need only give some consideration to clearing away one or two of the smaller dead ends that are located along the main path. It is irrelevant whether you catch them or not because the process forms a loop. The enemies that you don't see have a tendency to teleport to you instead. The subsequent encounter with the mini boss takes place directly on you, allowing you to complete the dungeon in a very short amount of time. It's too bad that the Cavern of Uldur can't be a Nightmare Dungeon (at least not yet), because if it were, it would be the ideal place to train your glyphs and improve your equipment in Diablo 4. It should also be mentioned that the enemies are not particularly painful, with the exception of the wasps. On the other hand, the hallway contributes to making them more bearable. In conclusion, it is possible to finish this dungeon in a loop very quickly, which results in a very profitable outcome for the player. It's too bad it can't be a nightmare dungeon right now, but there's no question that, once it is, players will flock to explore it in droves.

This won't sway everyone, but it does make the Cavern of Uldur an ideal dungeon to explore while doing something else, like watching a video on YouTube or tuning in to a podcast. There is in fact no requirement to concentrate excessively on the action. If you find that you don't always enjoy doing the same dungeon, there are other options that are viable that were discussed earlier. This includes playing through Eridu Ruins in normal mode, as well as Blind Burrows in either group or Nightmare Dungeon mode.

The dungeon should be reset. In order to generate the same dungeon repeatedly, you will need to perform a few manipulations on it in order to reset it each time. Doing the same thing over and over will help you save time. SoloWhen you have finished exploring a dungeon, you can leave it by using the emote wheel (E on PC), and then selecting the Leave Dungeon option. After disconnecting from the game and waiting for about ten seconds, you can rejoin the action. You should now be standing directly in front of the dungeon's entrance after it has been reset. If you have followed the procedure correctly, there is no need to disconnect the groups. The remaining players are required to break off from the group and continue exploring the dungeon. The previous leader of the group emerges from the dungeon, and then immediately goes back inside. A player will receive an updated version of the dungeon as a result of this action. After that, it is necessary to re-invite the other members of the group, and they will be teleported to the entrance when they accept the new invitation.

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