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Planting crops and using chefs to prepare food is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting additions to the game that a lot of players have been requesting for a long time. Because of this content, it came to light yesterday, and it was confirmed in the update version 2.0 that was released in November. Because of this, I believe that it would be a good idea to commemorate this event by going over everything you need to know about the process of cooking and how it works, or at the very least what we know about it at this point. In order to cook, we need ingredients. The farm and harvest will have to accommodate a wider variety of vegetables and crops as a result of this unfortunate update. Tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, and carrots were the five identified crops.


In addition to that, there are direct dust tips

1.  In any case, while some of these vegetables will be used as the primary ingredients, others will be transformed into other ingredients, which is pretty cool

2.  For instance, sugar cane can be processed into sugar, and wheat can be processed into flour, which is a really neat little factoid to know

3.  The new method of cooking appears to make use of existing crops and foods, such as a variety of mushrooms, which is an extremely important development

4.  This is not the case at all; in fact, it absolutely applies to things like fruit pies and pumpkin soup

5.  There is even a fish dish that may require us to catch particular fish in order to proceed with the recipe, which reveals the underlying mechanism

In any event, planting these things seems to be very similar to the life cycle of flowers and pumpkins, because they can be planted and will grow in a few days to the point where they can be harvested, very similarly to how pumpkins grow. Even after the harvest, they will continue to grow and produce new crops, which is a very helpful trait to have. In a similar vein, just like pumpkins, they might require daily watering in order to reach their full size, which is something that should be anticipated. There is a nifty mechanism to use. Let's move on to the following one and take a look at it.

Obtaining the Ba chef DOI recipes and the 3000 mile set meals is the first thing that needs to be done in order for us to profit from these new crops. This appears to open the door to a series of ready-made recipes, some of which you will learn right away, such as mushroom salad and vegetarian sandwich. The fact that even the recipe app has sections devoted to sweets and other delectable foods is an interesting discovery that I have just made; this reveals that it is highly likely that we will prepare a variety of baked goods. I believe that there are additional recipes.

The process of harvesting vegetables and fruits can teach us new recipes, much like how Easter is a good time to collect recipes for making egg dishes. In any event, once you have a recipe, you only need to go to a project like the stone carving kitchen to cook. This eliminates the need for you to engage in activities such as planting, planting, and harvesting the necessary materials. This machinist is not that dissimilar to the actual production that takes place on the process platform. On the other hand, cooking is done on a cooker, which is analogous to the numerous worktables that we have available.

I am certain that all types of cooktops, fires, and utensils for the kitchen will be compatible with the process of cooking and cooking. In any event, even if the concepts of farming, harvesting, and cooking are not sufficient on their own, the food that we produce is, in fact, beneficial. As a matter of course, we can use a wide variety of dishes and foods to decorate our homes, possibly the homes of other villagers, or we can eat them, just like the components that increase strength, you know, they can be used to smash stones, dig trees, and so on. In a nutshell, an excellent mechanic; I anticipate that the proprietor of the farm core island there will be very pleased with it. However, what are your thoughts on the process of cooking? Are you ecstatic that you will finally be able to plant more crops? We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Naturally, below, we should express our gratitude to all of the channel members and sponsors for their support of this content until the next time. I hope you enjoy your day. Be careful, and thank you. I look forward to seeing you again soon. In the same vein, I'd like to apologize for the quality of my voice.

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