The best builds and setups for every position in EA Football Clubs 24. The Pro Clubs mode in EA Football Club 24 features a significant expansion of the player's ability to be customized, including the ability to change their height, weight, playstyles, and attributes. Because of this, the player builder is more difficult to use than it has ever been. If you have solid meta builds, it will be easier to navigate the new systems. We've put together a list of the top five Pros Clubs builds for each position. Highlights from the Article:The best build for goalkeepers, with an emphasis on goalkeeping attributesThe optimal FB build strikes a good balance between defense and offense, while the optimal CB build serves as an anchor for the defense. The best possible CDM build, with excellent defensive capabilities and a natural touch on the ball. The best CAM build, with outstanding passing and dribbling abilityBest Winger build, which is fast and excels in one-on-one combat Best Pacey ST build, which has blistering speed to get in behind opponentsGreatest aerial danger with the best Target Man build. The Best Construction for GoalkeepersGetting all of the goalkeeping attributes on the skill tree to their maximum level is the primary focus of the best GK build.

This provides the maximum possible stats for the goalkeeper, allowing them to make crucial saves

  1. After you have unlocked the GK attributes, make investments in Pace and Agility so you can move more quickly and change directions more quickly respectively

  2. The vast majority of other stats are pointless for a goalkeeper

  3. Build That Is Ideal For A FullbackFull-backs should be able to pose a threat both defensively and offensively in order to be considered effective

  4. You should invest your skill points in a variety of different areas, such as defending, speed, stamina, strength, agility, dribbling, crossing, and curve

  5. It's important to avoid putting too much emphasis on shooting and dribbling

  6. The trick is to maintain a strong defense while simultaneously offering width in the attack

  7. The ideal build for a center back Center backs need to be the defensive anchors for their respective teams

  8. You should level up your Defending attributes to their maximum while also working on your Speed, Strength, Aggression, Agility, Ball Control, Stamina, Jumping, and Heading

  9. CBs who have a higher level of technical ability can start attacks and distribute the ball by investing in short-and-long passing

You should also work on your Shot Power, Long Shots, Curve, Short Passing, Finishing, and Stamina. You should also work on your Weak Foot. The best wingers are nimble, deceptive, and able to convert scoring opportunities. The Ideal Build for a Pacey Striker Pacey strikers thrive when they are able to get in behind the opposing defense. Place an emphasis on Pace in addition to important striker statistics such as Finishing, Shot Power, and Weak Foot. In addition, you should work on your dribbling, agility, balance, short passing, and ball control. Through carefully timed runs, this build has the potential to stretch defenses and remain a persistent threat. The Best Possible PreyThe men of BuildTarget are physically superior to other aerial threats. Get your Jumping, Strength, and Heading Accuracy all up to their maximums. Additionally, you should obtain important striker stats such as Finishing and Shot Power. Put some effort into your speed, dribbling, and skill moves as well. This results in the creation of a potent forward who is able to dominate defenders both in the air and on the ground. These builds make use of the newly added customization options available in EA FC 24 Clubs. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you create the perfect players for your club.

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