With the diverse activities available in Northrend, maximizing profits from gold farming takes some planning and efficiency. Here are some top tips and strategies for earning WotLK gold quickly in WotLK Classic.


Use Farming Addons

Installing addons like FarmHud is invaluable for optimizing mob and herb farming routes. FarmHud tracks spawn points and timers so you always know where to find the next node or target. This eliminates downtime walking between spawns, keeping your gold per hour high. The addon's routing features help cover dense areas systematically to tag every mob.

Other useful addons include AllTheThings for mapping rare materials, GatherMate2 for herb/ore mini-maps, and Auctioneer or TSM for analyzing Auction House trends.

AoE Farm Efficiently

Classes with area of effect abilities like Mages and Hunters can mass pull 3-5 packs of mobs together for explosive AoE grinding. When targeting densely packed mobs like Wasps in Sholazar, a single Flamestrike or Multi-Shot can tag entire spawns for quick mass killing. Fast horizontal clearing yields more lucrative gold per hour than single target grinding.

However, be mindful of overpulling and maintaining control. Pair AoE classes with self-heals or bring a healer friend to avoid downtime from accidental death.

Farm Across Multiple Activities

Rather than endlessly repeating one gold method, diversify your farms across professions, dungeons and raids to avoid boredom slowing your progress. Cycle between popular daily quest hubs, treasure mob grinds, and gathering herbalism or mining nodes to mix it up.

Fit in occasional heroic Sheroic or normal Naxxramas/Ulduar runs on weekends for vendor greys and world drops. This variety refreshes your gameplay and makes the most of every activity's profit potential over time.

Farm Optimally by Level

For boosted characters, focus farms in specific expansions that match character levels:
Level 58-70: Outland zones like Hellfire Peninsula are best.
Level 70-75: Start with lower Northrend like Borean Tundra.
Level 76-80: Farm max level zones like Sholazar Basin and Storm Peaks intensely.

This avoids wasting time grinding lower level mobs for reduced rewards. It's more gold efficient to rush through earlier levels and content as fast as possible.

Use the Auction House Smartly

Careful Auction House management maximizes profits. Sell gathered resources, crafts and uncommon world drops during peak hours. Check sale histories with addons to set optimal normalized prices that sell regularly. Re-list unsold items at minor discounts to avoid tying up gold in the AH. Buy low-priced mats to flip for crafting when possible.

By diversifying farms, using efficiency tools, and understanding AH markets, you can optimize your gold farming yield each hour invested in WotLK Classic. Combined with a little patience, these methods enable rapidly accumulating thousands of gold per week for epic flight and raid readiness.

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