Tincts play an important support role in Lords of the Fallen's challenging combat. This guide will explain what tincts are, where to find them, and tips for maximizing their benefits through strategic usage.


What are Tincts?

Tincts are consumable items in LotF that provide a variety of combat buffs when used. Their effects last for a duration and can turn the tides in tough battles.

There are several different types of tincts, including:

  • Vigor tincts – Restores a large amount of LotF Vigor
  • Resistance tincts – Boosts physical or elemental defense
  • Attack tincts – Increases weapon damage for a time
  • Focus tincts – Enhances parry/dodge ability window

Players can carry multiple tincts and swap between them depending on the situation. Combining their effects requires planning and skillful usage.

Where to Find and Craft Tincts

Tincts can be found scattered throughout Homin in chests, drops, and shops. Players can also craft custom tincts at the Alchemy Table using gathered reagents:

  • Plants – Collected from fields and drop healing/resistance buffs.
  • Beetles – Shells used in damage tincts.
  • Mushrooms – Spores increase buff durations when crafted.
  • Herbs – Add random effects depending on type.

Some reagents are rarer than others, but investing points into Alchemy at Shrines unlocks more recipes. Experimentation yields powerful customized tincts!

Effective Tinct Usage in Combat

Mastering when to pop tincts is just as important as having them available. Here are some tips:

  • Use damage tincts at the start of boss battles for burst DPS.
  • Dodge/focus tincts when learning new enemy movesets helps timing.
  • Heal with vigor tincts if low on health instead of wasting consumables.
  • Pop resistance tincts before entering dangerous enemy-filled areas.
  • Save combination tincts foroudh multi-enemy or invader encounters.
  • Allow tinct buffs to expire before using another for maximal uptime.

Strategic tincting gives that extra edge needed to defeat tough enemies in LotF. With practice, they become invaluable combat tools.

Tincts for Specific Builds and Playstyles

Different tinct types also synergize better with certain character builds:

  • Melee DPS uses attack and resistance tincts predominantly.
  • Tanks utilize defense and vigor tincts to sustain in fights.
  • Caster builds apply focus and damage tincts between spells.
  • Dexterity rogues make best use of dodge/parry enhancing types.
  • Invasions call for all-around buff combos against multiple foes.

Tailoring tinct choices and coordination around a build's strengths is a mark of a master tactician.

Tincts in Co-Op and PvP

In multiplayer, coordinating tinct buffs with allies or catching opponents off guard can turn the tides:

  • Stack damage buffs when engaging bosses for fast kills.
  • Partner provides defense while the other attacks.
  • Healing tincts rescue downed allies in co-op.
  • Surprise invaders with well-timed buff combos.
  • Disable opponents via focus debuffs in duels.

With teamwork and strategy, tincts empower cooperative play and competitive matchups alike.


When utilized skillfully, tincts provide a major advantage against any foe in Lords of the Fallen. Taking the time to craft custom varieties and understanding their synergies with different builds opens up new combat possibilities. Mastering tinct usage is key to optimizing character performance throughout Homin's dangers.

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