Learn and perfect the essential Madden 23 Franchise Mode features in order to lead your team all the way to the championship game. The modifications and enhancements that were made to franchise mode in Madden 22 are carried over into Madden 23.

In the following paragraphs, you will find some advice and suggestions regarding Madden 23's franchise mode. These pointers are intended for players who are just starting out in Madden or in the franchise mode of Madden.

Madden 23 Franchise Mode tips

The following hints and guidelines will assist you in establishing your very own successful football dynasty in Madden 23.

1. Taking this into consideration, it is prudent to construct your team around the scheme that you have chosen, whether you do this in conjunction with an existing NFL coach or one that you devise yourself. You will have an easier time establishing your schemes in Madden 23, and the game will show you to what extent your roster is constructed to successfully carry out those schemes.

You have the ability to change or adjust your schemes by navigating to the main page of your coach settings. It is in your best interest to choose a playbook that is compatible with the scheme. After all, you do not want a playbook that places a heavy emphasis on running the ball for a traditional West Coast offense.

The percentage of players on the roster who are a good fit for the team's overall strategy will be displayed in the top right corner; the higher this number is, the better. When you are looking at players to sign and trade (more on this below), keep an eye out for the purple puzzle icon. This icon indicates that the player is likely to be a good fit for your strategy. In the same way that it is best to find as many players as possible who fit your schemes, it is best to find playbooks. There are times when being physically fit is more important than having the highest overall player rating.

Keep in mind that the majority of teams will already have a good scheme fit; therefore, you can change them as you see fit. Yes, even some of the teams that are in the process of rebuilding will have good scheme fits as long as the players on the team match what the coach is trying to accomplish. Make preparations for the games in advance.

You can prepare a game plan for your opponent in Madden 23, just like you would in real life. The main screen provides you with access to your weekly strategy, which provides you with an in-depth look at the upcoming opponent, including that opponent's star players, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Be sure to check in once a week to see how the virtual version of the team is doing, what the favor is, and your best points of attack. Just because a team behaves in a certain manner in real life does not necessarily mean that they will behave in the same manner in Madden 23, so it is important to keep an open mind.

For instance, the preceding shows an example of a game plan devised by Kyle Shanahan to defend against the short pass. It highlights quarterback Aaron Rodgers as the primary threat because, well, obviously, he is, and it also highlights the team's tendency to run the ball to the right.

3. You are able to do exactly that in Madden NFL 23. 

In the franchise mode of the game, you will have primary control over the following four coaching positions: Head Coach, Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, and Player Personnel.

Contracts between players and player trades are managed through the Personnel trees. The higher your Player Personnel level, the more money you will save on player signings, re-signings, and trades as you progress through the game. Improvements for both players and staff are listed under the Head Coach's trees.

Unlocking the full potential of your offensive players and increasing their outputs as a result of their training and practice are the primary focuses of the Offensive Coordinator trees. When these trees are upgraded, you will be able to do things like equip Superstar X-Factors on your offensive players, among other things.

In a manner similar to that of the Offensive Coordinator trees, the Defensive Coordinator trees manage your defensive players.

There are four distinct skill trees across the board, with each coach having their own set of two trees. These are the Player Growth tree, the Staff Modifications tree, the On-Field Performance tree, and the Player Acquisition and Retention tree. Put in as much effort as you can to reach the maximum level in these skill trees for the staff you've chosen as soon as you can. The more benefits that are bestowed upon your team, the easier it will be to prevail over your adversaries.

4. Get yourself ready for the draft.
In professional football, it is much more difficult to remain competitive year after year, in contrast to baseball, where many large market teams are able to do so by signing the best free agents each offseason. In Madden 23, this is still the case.

Make use of your scouts in order to obtain specific information on the upcoming draft class, whether that information is automatically generated or downloaded. If you are confident that you will be picking toward the middle or end of the draft and you have your heart set on a player who is expected to be selected early, you should worm your way up the draft order (more on this below).

5. Make improvements to your team by signing free agents.

6. In all honesty, after the first two rounds it might become challenging.
The most important factor is that players selected later in Madden games have lower overall ratings and less potential than players selected earlier. When a player is 62 OVR and has a very low potential of making it to 70 OVR, let alone the 90 OVR that is required for the majority of elite players, it is difficult to turn a sixth-rounder into someone like Tom Brady.

Put forth your best effort to trade late-round picks in order to advance your own position in the draft and secure the services of players you have (hopefully) scouted. This is a far more productive use of one's time and resources than wasting picks and money on players who are highly unlikely to ever see game action.

7. Rather, the artificial intelligence of the game has a strange mix of priorities, giving draft picks and quarterbacks more weight than players with high ratings, including members of the 99 Club. You can check out our comprehensive guide for information on the players who are the least difficult to acquire through trades, as well as tips on how to manipulate the franchise mode AI to obtain trades for all of the 99 Club members, as well as other strategies to acquire almost any player you could want. You are now equipped with all of the knowledge necessary to launch your very own franchise and eventually build a dynasty in Madden 23.

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