The Convergence's ambitious reimagining of Elden Ring offers players a novel experience beyond the base game. However, its overhauled systems and areas can feel daunting to newcomers. This extensive guide provides everything you need to know to thrive in the mod's Lands Between.


Getting Started

Ensure you have the latest version of The Convergence installed before playing. Upon starting a new game, you'll be able to choose from over 25 unique starting classes at the character creator. Each has its own specialty and questline for valuable rewards. Make sure to travel off the main path and explore to trigger important events.

New Progression System

Defeating any one boss from each of the five Remembrance groups is required to progress rather than acquiring Great Runes. This opens up the world immediately and allows numerous viable early routes. Pay attention to Status Effects and damage types, as builds have more opportunities than ever to shine.

The Vastly Expanded Lands Between

All areas are more interconnected, with fast travel between Minor Erdtrees. Enemies now scale based on region rather than character level. Caelid and Altus Plateau pose less danger early on. Leverage this freedom to explore creative class-focused routes and acquire powerful unique gear from hidden dungeons.

Remixed Content

Be prepared for surprise changes – certain areas are retooled as Legacy Dungeons, while some bosses take the place of others. Enemies have altered placements and scaling as well. Even veterans will be caught off guard! Scan maps thoroughly as quest triggers and loot are cleverly worked into new environments.

Mastering Your Build

Crafting enhances equipment like never before. Focus on strengthening your build's main damage stats while meeting minimum weapon requirements. Try different Ashes of War for varied playstyles. Take advantage of The Convergence's immense magic selection for unique combat approaches.

PvP Meta

While still developing, competitive "duels" resemble Dark Souls 3. Strength, Dex, and Quality remain strong, but status effects see more spotlight. Int/Faith hybrids thrive with more spells. Keep tunes low level for quick matching or push beyond 150 for optimized niche builds.

The Journey Ahead

With constant updates, The Convergence will only get grander. Stay engaged by providing feedback or trying wacky run ideas on the forums. Your adventure has only begun – keep discovering new depths to the mod and solidifying your place among its dedicated community!

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