Looking for a normal dungeon in which to do a quick leveling from level 1 to 50 or beyond? Here is a great alternative to the Ruins of Eridu, and the Blind Terriers. Find out the details in this guide.

The developers of Diablo 4 have announced improvements to experience performance in dungeons, especially those of the nightmare. But in the meantime, we must continue to play and gain levels.


Position of the Uldur Cave

The entrance to Uldur Cave is in western Kehjistan, a little north of the town of Gea Kul. You will have to climb an obstacle to reach the entrance. During the Infernal Waves, a Mystery Chest is often nearby.

Reasons to farm the Cavern of Uldur

It is this dungeon that we advise you to do as part of a Power Leveling session from level 1 to 50, and it is not without reason.

  • The density of enemies in this dungeon is generally excellent.

  • The structure of the dungeon is very simple and relatively linear, with a few small dead ends and a loop or two, which avoids having to go back and forth. In general, going straight ahead without worrying about the rest is optimal, even when soloing. This also allows you to grab all the Shrines and Golden Chests on the way.

  • The first objective of the dungeon simply asks to destroy 3 barricades on the way, which is good, since it is a corridor.

  • There is a transition room which is not profitable at all, but since it requires killing only one elite, the time loss is minimal.

  • The second objective of the dungeon is to kill all the enemies present, but again, it is a hallway. You just have to think about cleaning up one or two small dead ends on the sides of the main path. Even if you miss them, it doesn't matter, since it forms a loop. Enemies you miss tend to teleport to you as well.

  • The mini boss then appears directly on you, which makes it possible to complete the dungeon very quickly. Too bad the Cavern of Uldur can't be a Nightmare Dungeon (yet), that would make it the perfect destination to level up your glyphs and items in Diablo 4.

  • Note in passing that the enemies are not too painful either, apart from the wasps. But again, the hallway helps make them more bearable.

  • In summary, it is possible to complete this dungeon in a loop very quickly, which turns out to be very profitable. It unfortunately can't be a nightmare dungeon right now, but no doubt it will be incredibly popular when it does.

  • This won't convince everyone, but it also makes the Cavern of Uldur another perfect dungeon to play while distracted, such as watching a YouTube video, or listening to a Podcast. There is indeed no need to focus too much on the action.

If you don't always enjoy doing the same dungeon, viable alternatives have been mentioned previously. This includes Eridu Ruins in normal mode, and Blind Burrows in group and/or Nightmare Dungeon mode.

Reset the dungeon

Making the same dungeon in a loop requires performing a few manipulations to reset it each time. It will save you time to always do the same.


After completing a dungeon, exit using the emote wheel (E on PC), then select "Leave Dungeon. Disconnect, wait about ten seconds, then return to the game. The dungeon should be reset, and you'll be right in front of the entrance.

In groups

No need to disconnect, if you follow the procedure well. The other players must leave the group, without leaving the dungeon. Then the former group leader comes out of the dungeon and then enters again. This will create a new version of the dungeon for a player. It is then necessary to re-invite the other members of the group, who will be teleported to the entrance.

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