Mighty Shot is one of the earliest and most useful Ashes of War available to players in Elden Ring. This Ash of War enhances any bow with increased damage and range, allowing Tarnished to engage enemies from a safe distance. However, obtaining and applying Mighty Shot may not be obvious to all players starting out in the Lands Between. This guide covers everything you need to know about acquiring Mighty Shot and utilizing its power to overcome the many challenges ahead.


How to Get Mighty Shot

There are a few reliable methods for finding the Mighty Shot Ash of War:

Purchase the Composite Bow

The easiest and most consistent way is to purchase the default skill. Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes and find the Nomadic Merchant near the Lake-Facing Cliffs grace site. He sells the Composite Bow for 3,500 Runes. Equipping this bow automatically provides Mighty Shot without needing an Ash of War.

Defeat the Teardrop Scarab

Alternatively, head south from Limgrave into the Weeping Peninsula dungeon area. Follow the main road up until you find a large battered caravan surrounded by Misbegotten enemies. Past them is the Teardrop Scarab, which will sometimes drop Mighty Shot upon death. Be warned, the Scarab can be a tough early game foe.

Loot from Chests and Enemies

Rarely, Mighty Shot can be found randomly looting corpse piles, crates, or defeating certain enemies throughout Limgrave and Liurnia. However, the above methods provide the most reliable acquisition.

Applying Mighty Shot

Once obtained, open your inventory and select the Ash of War item. You'll be prompted to select a weapon to apply it to. Only qualified bows like the Short Bow or Long Bow can accept Mighty Shot. Application is free but permanently replaces the weapon's default skill.

Using Mighty Shot in Battle

No FP is required to activate Mighty Shot, but each shot consumes 6 FP. When readying your bow, the player will take an aiming stance while drawing the string all the way back. This fully charges the shot for increased range and damage. The bonus to power makes Mighty Shot invaluable for picking off enemies from a safe distance or weakening tough bosses. Just be mindful of your FP to avoid getting caught without arrows!

A Staple for any Build

Whether pursuing a pure DEX, INT, or FTH build focused on magic, every Tarnished can benefit from the reliable damage and opportunities Mighty Shot provides. Its versatility and low requirements make this one of the best early game Ashes of War. Be sure to grab it to turn any bow into a lethal long-range option throughout your adventures in Elden Ring.

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