Lords of the Fallen fans have been treated to yet another exciting limited-time event – the mysterious Way of the Bucket quest! This guide will provide all the details you need to uncover the secrets left behind by the legendary Bucketlords and earn your reward. Buckle up, folks, because we've got quite the bucket-filled adventure ahead of us…


A Brief History of the Bucketlords

Little is known about the enigmatic Bucketlords and their role in the world of Lords of the Fallen. According to fragmented historical texts, they were a secretive sect that emerged in the early Age of Ashes. Their beliefs centered around copper vessels of all shapes and sizes, which they imbued with mystical powers. The Bucketlords kept mostly to themselves, establishing hidden shrines across Mournstead.

Over time, their influence waned as newer factions rose to prominence. All that remains of them now are rumors and a scant few artifacts left behind in secluded locales. Until recently, that is, when signs emerged that something was stirring once more within their abandoned domains. Cues for eager adventurers to begin unlocking the Bucketlords' enduring mysteries…

Starting the Quest

Head to the Sanctuary Vestige, located in the southwest of Mournstead. Climb the ladder opposite the site of grace bonfire and navigate the small platforms above. Break open the wooden boxes at the end to find a peculiar NPC dressed in tattered robes. Interact with them to accept the mysterious quest ahead.

Equip the Broken Bucket, a crude vessel formerly used in Bucketlord rituals of old, that was recently recovered from one of their abandoned shrines. Perform three gestures before the NPC – Greeting, Pointing Downward, and the sacred Bucketlord's Salute. This affirms your dedication to unraveling their long-lost secrets. But you'll need to gather more clues first…

Collecting Pride of the Bucketlords

Your next task is to gather 12 Pride relics scattered throughout Mournstead's most formidable domains. These Prides take the form of ornate metallic buckets adorned with arcane symbols. Each one is tucked away in a different boss arena across the land, imbued with lingering traces of the Bucketlords' enigmatic powers.

Track down Prides in the deadly reaches beneath Leprosarium, the blighted wastes of Calrath, and more. Only certain foiled foes hold the elusive artifacts you seek. Examine battle-torn grounds for shimmering buckets once adversaries have been bested. You can rechallenge areas you've conquered before or progress further to find new ones. Just be wary – you can only safely carry 4 Prides at a time before risking quest failure…

Turning In Your Bounty

Return to the quest NPC after collecting sets of 4 Prides. They'll reward your efforts with cryptic clues hinting towards new locations to search. Obediently carry out their probing orders to maintain the sacred rites. With 12 Prides donated, you'll have reconstructed a long-fragmented story concerning the enigmatic destiny of theBucketlords. But your trial is not yet complete… one final test awaits at journey's end!

Your Reward – The Gilded Bucket

Venture to the Alehouse Vestige in Lower Calrath with all Prides reclaimed from across Mournstead. An untouched sanctum concealed behind its rundown halls now lies unsealed. Within, on a small stone altar, rests your prize – the Gilded Bucket. Crafted from rare blessed metals and inlaid with mystic sigils, it channels a fraction of the elder sect's formidable arts. Wield it proudly as you continue honing your skills, in tribute to the legend of the elusive Bucketlords.

And with that, you've uncovered the full tale behind this compelling limited event. May you find further enlightenment, and buckets aplenty, on your continuing adventures! Feel free to explore previous hints if any remain shrouded in mystery.

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